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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Brain Injury Case Settled at Trial August 4, 2017 After six days of trial in Denver County District Court, Colorado, for a young woman who suffered a brain injury as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, Spence partners Bryan Ulmer and Tyson Logan successfully settled the brain injury personal injury claims against the defendant property owner and his company. The confidential settlement came while the jury was deliberating over a damages verdict. In his closing argument, Ulmer had argued that proper compensation for the plaintiff's injuries was $10 million. The case stemmed from a CO leak at a vacation rental house that sent 23 people to the emergency room in Vail, Colorado. On the night of January 1, 2014, a 16-year-old girl was... Read more
$1.2 Million Wrongful Death Verdict Against Chevron U.S.A. Inc. April 25, 2017 A Wyoming jury found Chevron U.S.A. Inc., negligent and responsible for a man's death and awarded a verdict of $1.2 million in wrongful death damages.  Truck driver Tom Coffey fell to his death on Chevron's property near Kemmerer, Wyoming, in 2014.  Spence trial lawyers Tyson E. Logan and Noah W. Drew represented Sharon Coffey, Mr. Coffey's widow, in the wrongful death case against Chevron, claiming that Chevron was responsible for Coffey's death because it failed to provide a reasonably safe place for Mr. Coffey to work, and because its safety equipment was unreasonably dangerous. During the 2-week jury trial in federal court in Casper, Wyoming, Tyson Logan argued that Mr. Coffey was... Read more
Interview with Spence Trial Lawyer Mel Orchard: Ego and Success in the Courtroom April 10, 2017 Spence partner and Trial Lawyers College senior faculty member Mel Orchard recently spoke with the Trial Lawyers College podcast, sharing his views about ego in the courtroom and what it takes to find success as a trial lawyer.  Check out Mel's recent interview, at:... Read more
Breaking News: Carbon Monoxide CO Poisoning Kills 1 Seriously Injures Others at MI Hotel April 1, 2017 A child was found dead earlier today and several others were seriously injured after being poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO) at a Quality Inn & Suites in Niles, Michigan.  Local Niles police and Berrien County sheriffs and fire officials responded to the scene.  Preliminary reports suggest that lethally high levels of poisonous carbon monoxide gas were found in the pool area--reports indicate that at least 11 were treated at nearby hospitals.  The Spence Law Firm trial lawyers are looking for more information on this incident and the apparently dangerous hotel and pool heating system. The Niles Police Department identified the deceased as 13-year-old from Niles.  Six other... Read more
Urgent News: Government Threatening to Take Americans’ Rights Away March 11, 2017 Next week, the United States House of Representatives will vote on a series of bills that will make it difficult – if not impossible — for Americans harmed by corporate misconduct to seek justice in our nation’s courts. These anti-civil justice bills are: H.R. 1215, the “Protecting Access to Care Act,” which undermines state law and eliminates the rights of Americans to bring certain health care claims when they are injured by medical malpractice and dangerous drugs and devices, or when they or their families are injured or killed in a nursing home; H.R. 985, the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act,” which will strip Americans of the ability join with others to... Read more
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