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Second Deadly I-80 Trucking Accident in a Week in Wyoming Raises Questions April 22, 2015 A second multi-vehicle crash on I-80 in Wyoming this week caused serious injuries and two reported fatalities, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  Early reports indicate that on Thursday morning, April 20, 2015, nearly 60 vehicles were involved in the accident, where a large fire ensued.  The Spence Firm is investigating details of this fatal incident. Witnesses at the scene reported a tanker hauling HAZMAT hazardous materials caught fire after numerous trucks piled up on the interstate.  Wyoming Highway Patrol is reporting that one arrest has been made related to the crash.  Thursday morning truckers and motorists on I-80 were warned of reduced visibility, black ice, and... Read more
Spence Investigating Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up on Wyoming Interstate-80 April 17, 2015 A recent multi-vehicle crash on I-80 in Wyoming, between Cheyenne and Laramie, in winter conditions on April 16, 2015, caused serious injuries to numerous drivers, according to reports from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  Early reports from the investigating officers suggest that 33 commercial vehicles and 12 passenger cars and trucks were involved in the pile-up.  Many of the crash victims were transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.  As of late Thursday night, investigation was ongoing into the cause of the accident. The Spence Law Firm's team of truck accident investigators, trucking safety rules and regulations experts, and trucking accident trial... Read more
Common Injuries Suffered in Wyoming Auto Accidents April 17, 2015 With auto accidents, one simple mistake can change your life forever. On the highways, it only takes a split second of distraction to cause a collision. While trucks traversing our state and railroad crossings abound, it is not unusual for major accidents to make the evening headlines in Wyoming. Of course, even minor accidents can have significant implications. It does not always take high speeds to cause a serious injury from a car crash.  The following are some of the most common injuries our attorneys see in auto accident litigation: Traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in auto accidents can result from significant impacts to the head (called “closed”... Read more
$3.5 Million Settlement for Brain Injured Victim of Truck Crash December 19, 2014 With just a week remaining before trial, Spence partner and National Board Certified Trial Lawyer, Mel C. Orchard, III, settled a case against Swift Transportation for 3.5 million dollars to compensate a 49 year-old mother and grandmother because of a permanent brain injury. Christine Williams was traveling to work on a wintery morning in February of 2011, when a tractor-trailer owned and operated by Swift Transportation, struck her from behind and forced her into a telephone pole. After colliding with the pole, Christine’s jeep bounced back into the road and was struck again the by the 50,000 lb. vehicle. Christine was taken to the hospital suffering from the effects of a brain... Read more
$28.2 Million Verdict Upheld in Wyoming Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case October 28, 2014 The federal court in Wyoming has upheld the jury’s $28.2 million verdict for Amber Lompe, a Casper, Wyo. woman who was poisoned by carbon monoxide from a dangerous and unmaintained furnace in her apartment, in February 2011. The Spence legal team that represented Ms. Lompe in the suit – G. Bryan Ulmer, and Tyson E. Logan - alleged that the Sunridge Apartments owners and managers ignored repeated warnings that the complex’s 30-year-old fleet of 96 furnaces was dangerous and needed to be maintained or replaced. Wyoming law requires landlords to provide tenants safe housing, including safe and working heat. At trial, the Spence trial lawyers presented evidence that Sunridge... Read more
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