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Gerry Spence Gives TEDx Talk on How He Became The People’s Lawyer

Gerry Spence and his team of trial lawyers have been fighting for regular people across this country over half a century. In a recent TEDx talk, Gerry told the story of what inspired him to never again protect the rich and powerful corporations of this country. That day, in a supermarket, facing an injured man who he had opposed in a trial not long before, Gerry realized that standing up for real people was more important than anything. That message has been the founding and guiding principle of the Spence Law Firm ever since. To this day, Gerry and the Spence Firm only represent people against powerful corporations and the government. This is his story:

After years of representing corporations and other powerful, rich clients, Gerry had wrapped up a typical case in which he represented the defendant against a refinery worker had been seriously injured due to the negligence of his employer. This man would never be able to work again, live the rest of his life in pain and had been grossly denied justice from the legal system. But during this chance encounter, he told Gerry that he didn’t harbor any ill will since Gerry was “only doing his job.” In that pivotal moment, Gerry realized who he wanted to fight for and what he wanted to do as a trial lawyer–Gerry reconsidered what his “job” should be and whose interests he should be serving.

Learn how Spence Lawyers became a law firm for the people, fighting for justice for those who need it most, during Gerry Spence’s recent TEDxJacksonHole Talk at

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