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carbon monoxide poisoning

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Our trial lawyers have the experience and skills to prove even the most difficult and complex carbon monoxide poisoning case.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is far too often misunderstood by the public, by medical professionals, and by lawyers—we are here to help. We have years of experience litigating complicated carbon monoxide poisoning cases and working with people who are looking for answers. Determining and proving the cause of a CO poisoning incident can prove challenging—we work with cutting edge engineering and safety experts to investigate and prove how CO is produced and transported. We also work with the very best medical experts – from neurologists and neuropsychologists to internal medicine, pulmonologists, hearing, vision, psychiatrists, to imaging technicians (including neuro-radiologists and others) to cognitive and speech therapists and vocational rehabilitationists – whatever is necessary to assess and fully analyze the scope of injuries. CO poisoning is often fatal, but when a victim survives the injury is often invisible. The very best and most experienced medical professionals can make the difference in proving the real effects of CO poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is a normal byproduct of combustion. However, when a gas-burning appliance or other combustion process burns improperly, CO may be created in dangerous levels. Assessing transport – how CO gets from the source to the victim – is another critical piece of any investigation or lawsuit. Improper venting or exhaust can cause CO to concentrate in unsafe levels.

We have handled many carbon monoxide poisoning wrongful death and personal injury and brain injury cases–our trial lawyers have the experience and skills to prove even the most difficult and complex carbon monoxide poisoning case. Most recently—

*in 2013 we obtained a record personal injury carbon monoxide poisoning verdict – $28.2 million – for Amber Lompe, a young woman who suffered acute CO poisoning and a permanent brain injury inside her apartment from an unmaintained and dangerous 32-year-old furnace. We sued the property manager and owner / landlord of the property who knew the furnaces at the apartment complex were dangerous.

*in 2015 and 2016, we settled a wrongful death and personal injury (two-victim) carbon monoxide poisoning case in Boise, Idaho against the property managers and owner of an apartment complex. We proved that a faulty water heater poisoned two teenagers, McQuen Forbush and Breanna Halowell, as they slept. Confidential settlements were reached with five separate defendants before the defendant plumbing company and plumber settled claims against them for an additional $1 million.

*we represented the Dixey Family after Logan and Dillion Dixey, ages 9 & 11, were poisoned with CO while swimming near the back deck of their family’s houseboat. The houseboat’s generator exhaust was piped into a space that did not allow proper ventilation, creating a hidden hazard that killed the boys. We assisted the Dixey family through the entire litigation process, achieving a record monetary settlement and collaborating with governmental agencies to enact a nation-wide safety recall of all improperly vented houseboats. Additionally, a nation-wide safety campaign was initiated to educate the public about the hidden hazard associated with CO. Finally, we assisted the family with the creation of the Double Angel Foundation, a non-profit dedicating CO hazard education.

*we are currently litigating and investigating a number of other carbon monoxide poisoning cases in several states across the West, including cases involving faulty furnaces, boilers and water heaters in apartment complexes, houses, and commercial settings; semi-truck exhaust systems; and others.

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