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We have been standing up against big corporations and the government for over 50 years, fighting for the rights of families who have lost a loved one because of a wrongful death.

The Spence Law Firm understands wrongful death cases, and representing clients after the death of a loved one, in different ways than an ordinary law firm.  We know how devastating the sudden death of family member can be.  Representing a family or a loved one in a wrongful death lawsuit means more than just prosecuting a negligent or reckless person or company for causing someone’s death; it means caring for the family that has been left behind.  Our team of lawyers and staff know that being there – answering your questions, and guiding you through the process as you grieve and seek answers to what happened – is part of our job in seeking justice after a tragedy.  Families often need not just answers, but support.  We are there for our clients, no matter what it takes.  We fight for what is right and to make sure that you get answers to your questions.

From the first conversation for as long as we work with someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death case, we make ourselves available and we commit ourselves to be there as counselors, advisors, and representatives on your side, to help you move forward through the process of the case.

The law is designed to provide compensation to families who lose a loved one because of wrongful or negligence by an individual or company.  Big corporations and the government are also required to act reasonably. We fight for families who lose a loved one to get full and fair compensation for their loss; wrongful death damages typically include both economic and noneconomic damages (sometimes called special and general damages) for the loss you suffer because of the wrongful death of a family member.  In wrongful death cases involving especially egregious conduct by a person or corporation, we seek punitive damages to punish those responsible and to make sure others are not injured or killed by similar conduct in the future.

The Spence Law Firm, LLC has the experience to guide you through the process of seeking justice with the utmost compassion and respect for your loss.  We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for the following clients:

*the family of a Wyoming man who was killed on the railroad tracks outside a Wyoming trona mine after the mine, the railroad, and the rail-switching contractor/employer had been warned numerous times that the area was dangerous and that someone was going to be hurt or killed.

*the family of a man who was killed in a head-on collision with a vehicle being driven by a sleep-deprived driver who was forced to work (and drive) while he was extremely fatigued;

*the family of a fifth-grade student who drowned at a pool on a school field trip after one lifeguard was assigned to watch over sixty-three children in the pool;

*a $3 Million verdict for the family of a 53-year old schizophrenic man who was tasered and suffocated to death by law enforcement in response to a medical emergency call;

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