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Emma K. Sollitt, Paralegal – The Spence Law Firm, LLC

Emma K. Sollitt Paralegal

Emma K. Sollitt, Paralegal – The Spence Law Firm, LLC

Emma grew up in Wilson, Wyoming, and is a proud Jackson native. She graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and African Studies, with a Gender Studies minor. 

In her early career, Emma took a research based approach to understanding the nuisances of women in the workforce in East Africa. She spent a year living in Nairobi, Kenya, working for the African Wildlife Foundation and spearheading their Gender Advocacy program, and subsequently spent 3 months conducting an in-depth study of women in the informal work sector. With that research, she authored an honors thesis, which was presented at multiple international conferences. Emma also worked for the Department of Defense, on their project titled, “A new scramble for Africa,” and conducted research explaining trade conflicts between foreign actors in war-torn countries. Her passion for advocating for women’s rights and underrepresented communities has inspired her to pursue a career in law and allowed her to transition into legal work for the Spence Law Firm, where she is excited to assist R. Daniel Fleck as his paralegal.

Outside of work, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hiking, and skiing. She also has a passion for ice hockey, and has coached the U19 Jackson Lady Moose to three consecutive state championship titles.

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