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Joshua Miller, IT Manager – The Spence Law Firm, LLC

Joshua Miller IT Manager

Joshua Miller, IT Manager – The Spence Law Firm, LLC

Joshua Miller, a Jackson Hole native, has etched his story amidst the grandeur of the Tetons. Joshua's spirit was ignited by a love for adventure from an early age. Following an insatiable curiosity and a quest for cultural diversity, he embarked on an eight-year journey in Northern Thailand. There, amidst lush beauty and vibrant communities, Joshua further cultivated his passion for exploration, delving into activities such as rock climbing, caving, and canyoneering that define his adventurous spirit.

Beyond the thrill of outdoor pursuits, Joshua finds immense joy and grounding in his roles as a devoted husband and father. His seven-year-old son and cherished wife are the constants in his dynamic life, adding a layer of warmth and stability to the whirlwind of excitement. Professionally, Joshua has served as the trusted computer consultant for the Spence Law Firm for an impressive 25 years. Through his technical expertise and commitment, he has become an integral part of the firm, contributing to its success and ensuring the seamless integration of technology in the legal world. Joshua Miller's life is a testament to the harmonious blend of adventure, family, and professional dedication.

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