How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

When it comes to many personal injury cases, injured parties are often apprehensive to take the next step simply because they don’t know their rights and what to expect. Many want to know the worth of their case before they move forward because they’re unsure if it will be worth it.

The truth of the matter is the worth of a case is dependent on various factors involved in the injury-causing incident. No two personal injury cases are the same and there are several aspects that must be examined to fully understand case worth. However, understanding what goes into making the decisions regarding compensation can put your mind at ease.

Medical Expenses

Part of the compensation you may recover comes in the form of economic damages, which are those that have a quantifiable monetary value, such as medical expenses. Your medical expenses are calculated directly for the amount you paid for the treatment you received, and the amount of compensation will reflect that amount.

Lost Income

Lost wages are also part of the economic damages you may recover, including any amount you would have made from the time of the injury to the time you return to work. If you are unable to work, future earnings may be calculated based on what you would be presumed to make.

Property Damage

If you’re involved in an auto accident, you can also consider the property damage to your vehicle as part of the potential compensation. All economic damages are calculated together and they have a set amount that may be awarded, which is the only predictable worth that may be determined in a case.

Non-Economic and Punitive Damages

The biggest portion of a personal injury case is likely to come from non-economic damages, which is also difficult to calculate. There’s no direct evidentiary value to the pain and suffering you have endured; therefore, the decision regarding the amount you may recover for non-economic damages is at the discretion of the court.

Punitive damages may exist in various states and circumstances. These types of damages are often awarded as a punishment to the defendant for actions that are considered intentional or especially reckless. The amount is also determined by the court.

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