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Anatomy of a New Mexico Personal Injury Case

Jan 14, 2019

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you need to understand how personal injury cases work. This will improve your odds of getting fair compensation for your injuries and related expenses. As you read the guide, you will get an overview of what to expect as your case progresses. You will also learn why you must not take on your legal battle without the help and support of a compassionate attorney. The information you are going to get arms you with the required tools to choose the best path.

Deciding Fault

If you file a personal injury claim and move your case forward, make sure you understand how the court decides fault. Knowing what elements influence your case lets you decide if taking legal action is worth your time. In simple terms, the driver who was breaking traffic laws or behaving carelessly is at fault. The person the police believe to be at fault plays a strong role in the outcome of your case, but it won't always be the deciding factor. Go over these details with your lawyer if you are serious about selecting the correct path for your situation.

Collecting Evidence

Your lawyer will begin collecting evidence during the early stages of your case. Your legal expert can use medical records, police reports, and witness statements as evidence to prove you have a right to seek compensation. The lawyer you enlist can seek phone records to tell if the other driver was texting just before the accident took place.

If your accident happened in a store, your lawyer can request video footage to get an even better idea of what happened. Your attorney will exchange evidence with the other party in the discovery process.

Factors Impacting Compensation

Once you and your lawyer decide the evidence is on your side, you will want to know about the various factors that affect your compensation. You can expect to get enough money to pay most or all of your medical bills if you win, but some details are a bit more complex.

For example, New Mexico bases its decision on comparative negligence. If you win your case but the jury believes you played a role in the accident, it will reduce the amount of money you can collect.

Getting Legal Help

You must take prompt action if you don't want to lose your shot at building a solid case. Waiting too long gives people time to forget facts and lose evidence, and you can't afford to make that mistake. Contact a member of The Spence Law Firm as soon as possible to get a case evaluation. We are a team of compassionate legal experts who want to fight for your right to fair compensation, and we will put in our best effort to help you reach the outcome you want. We will collect evidence and help you decide how much your case is worth, and we will then work together to determine what path is right for you.

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