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Boy Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury After Hospital Fails to Diagnose Heart Condition: Confidential Settlement

Jun 01, 2007

Clay Rothenhoefer, then age 16 years old, suffered a cardiac arrest during wrestling practice at his high school. He was resuscitated and taken to the Wyoming Medical Center. As a result of the cardiac arrest, Clay sustained a severe and permanently disabling brain injury. During the course of his treatment, doctors at hospital diagnosed Clay with Long QT Syndrome. Long QT Syndrome is a medical condition characterized by abnormal electrical activity in the heart. Sadly, Clay's cardiac arrest was foreshadowed by an episode two years earlier that brought him to the same hospital following another cardiac arrest. Although evident at that time, the hospital failed to diagnose Clay's LQTS and therefore it went untreated and became a ticking time bomb which eventually led to his significant brain injury. The case settled for a substantial, confidential amount.

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