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Breaking News: Serious Bus Accident Closes Highway in Grand Teton National Park

Jul 11, 2014

On Thursday July 10th, a serious bus accident north of Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park, resulted in at least seven injuries as well as a five hour closure of Highway 89. According to Park spokesperson Jackie Skaggs, the bus was traveling north when the front tire left the road. The driver overcorrected and the bus tipped onto its side. At least seven people were injured with two being flown to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls and five receiving treatment at St. John's Medical Center in Jackson. The bus had 26 passengers who were part of an Asian tour group. The collision occurred in northern Grand Teton National Park, south of the Yellowstone border and approximately 40 miles north of Jackson where The Spence Law Firm headquarters are located.

The Spence Law Firm represents victims against major bus companies from coast to coast when driver negligence injures or kills their passengers or other motorists. Tipping over or rolling large vehicles are often the result of drivers speeding, failing to pay attention, driver fatigue and/or driving carelessly.

The Spence Law Firm has decades of experience helping people and their families injured or killed in bus, truck and motor vehicle accidents. Our team of Wyoming trial lawyers – along with driving experts, highway safety experts, accident re-constructionists, biomechanical engineers, investigators, and others – represents people against powerful companies to protect the rights of motorists and to obtain compensation for injuries and deaths caused by negligent and reckless drivers.

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