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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit Filed for Brain-Injured Truck Driver

Jan 11, 2016

The Spence Law Firm has filed a carbon monoxide poisoning related lawsuit seeking damages for a brain-injured truck-driver and his wife. The Complaint was filed in the District Court in Converse County, Wyoming. The case stems from a CO-poisoning incident where carbon monoxide (CO) leaked inside Foy's semi-truck cab, in October 2013. Mr. Foye was chronically and acutely exposed to carbon monoxide while driving and sleeping inside the cab of the truck. Foye sustained serious injuries including a brain injury as a result of the CO exposure.

The Complaint alleges that the defendants negligently maintained, serviced, and/or repaired the truck that caused Mr. Foye's injuries, and that they failed to warn him of the dangers. Mr. Foye claims that the truck engine generated CO which leaked from the exhaust system and entered the truck's cab, poisoning Mr. Foye.

The CO poisoning incident caused Mr. Foye permanent and serious damages, including a permanent brain injury, leaving him with cognitive deficits and physical disability, problems with attention, processing, following simple directions, memory, and difficulty formulating ideas and logical thoughts, among other physical and emotional damages. The suit seeks damages for Mr. Foye's economic losses like lost future income and medical bills, non-economic losses for pain and suffering damages, and loss of spousal consortium damages for Mr. Foye's wife.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, lethal gas. Carbon monoxide causes serious damage to brain cells and can cause death. CO in the bloodstream prevents oxygen from reaching the brain (often called "anoxic" brain injury); CO also causes cellular death because it is toxic to cells (CO is also referred to as "cytotoxic"), and it causes inflammation in the brain.

Trial lawyers Tyson Logan and Michael Lutz, of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, represent the Foye's. They have requested a jury trial. The Spence Firm is actively pursuing and investigating a number of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning cases – including cases involving wrongful death and brain injury – across the country. In 2013 Spence partners Bryan Ulmer and Tyson Logan won a $28.2 million verdict for a young woman who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning inside her apartment.

This case is Timothy Foye and Jean Foye v. Idealease, Inc.; Color Country Diesel, Inc.; and John Does I through X, Civil No. 17223, in the District Court for the Eighth Judicial District of Converse County, Wyoming.

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