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Child Sex Abuse Case Settled Against Wyoming Detention Center

Apr 01, 2011

M. Kristeen Hand and Mel C. Orchard, III, of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, have settled a $500,000 sexual assault case against Frontier Correctional Systems, Inc., who owned and operated a private, for-profit youth detention center for boys in Casper, Wyoming. The Spence Law Firm represented two minor boys who were attacked by other juveniles while serving sentences at the detention center.

The case against the detention center alleged that Frontier Corrections neglected both boys by allowing predatory youth to be housed in the same holding cell as vulnerable youth resulting in the attacks; had a duty to but failed to implement basic policies and supervision to protect detained children from each other; failed to report sexual abuse; failed to provide mental health counseling to the Plaintiffs following their attacks; and failed to train staff to report sexual abuse.

The allegations that the detention center neglected these boys were substantiated following an investigation by the State of Wyoming. Additionally, Frontier Corrections flunked a safety audit three months before the minor Plaintiffs were attacked. In the written audit, Frontier Corrections was warned that the operation of their facility was so far below the standard that the potential for youth-on-youth violence was so great as to make the operation of the facility not feasible.

Child sexual abuse is an adult disorder, with complications arising in relationships, employment, and many aspects and phases of a person's life. Sexual abuse often has horrific and serious mental effects, a potential decrease in economic earning power, and embarrassing associated stigmas. This settlement will help with counseling and education for the young victims.

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