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Civil Rights Violations: When Can You Sue?

Oct 09, 2019

The freedoms granted to you should never be violated. Unfortunately, some large companies or government officials abuse their power because they believe they are immune to the law. If your own civil rights were violated, you should know how to go about seeking justice and compensation for what you have been put through.


What Is a Civil Rights Violation?

Your civil rights are those rights that are granted to every person in the U.S. to protect them from unfair treatment. Your civil rights include:

  • Freedoms of speech, religion, assembly
  • The right to petition the government
  • The right to procedural due process
  • Freedom from discrimination for protected classes (sex, race, and national origin)

Unfortunately, some people are mistreated based on characteristics such as race, gender, religion, or disability. Some examples of civil rights violations include:

  • Unreasonable searches and seizures
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Losing a job or being passed over for a promotion due to discrimination
  • Abuse by a public official
  • Any discrimination based on a superficial quality or belief

Can a Civil Rights Attorney Help Me?

If your rights were violated by a government official or a company, you may be entitled to compensation. This can be a long, complicated process. Before you file an actual lawsuit for some civil rights violations allegations, you must file a claim/complaint with a federal or state agency first.

For example, someone who is alleging employment discrimination must first file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This must be done within 180 days of when the act occurred, so taking the necessary steps in a timely manner is crucial. Your attorney can let you know if your case requires you to file a government claim and where you should file your lawsuit (in state or federal court).

There are many elements to civil rights violation claims that you may not know. The civil rights attorney you choose as your legal advocate will be knowledgeable in this type of law. They will evaluate all details of your case to show how your civil rights were violated and apply the law effectively to help you obtain the justice you deserve.

Whether you were harmed by a local, state, or U.S. government official, our civil rights attorneys are here to fight for justice on your behalf.

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