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Do You Need a Burn Injury Lawyer?

Nov 16, 2022

Burns are among the most agonizing injuries one can sustain. Burn victims suffer from psychological trauma, impairment, disfigurement, and extreme physical pain. Burn victims may also have to cope with the financial burden of medical bills, surgeries, and lost earning capacity.

Burn injuries may result from defective products, structural fires, arson, unsafe working conditions, employment hazards, as well as improperly stored chemicals.


If you or someone you care about has sustained burn injuries, you may be wondering whether you need a burn injury lawyer to help you recover the damages you may be entitled to. Since these injuries may affect you financially, getting the compensation that can make you financially whole again is crucial. After all, medical treatment, surgery, therapy, and skin grafts can be costly, not to mention your lost wages and mental anguish.

Why Hire a Burn Injury Lawyer?

Considering hiring a Wyoming fire injury lawyer? You are not alone. Many burn injury victims question whether a personal injury attorney specializing in fire accidents and burn injuries may be able to help them after sustaining severe injuries.

Here's why you should hire a burn injury attorney after a fire accident.

Get Maximum Compensation for Permanent Injury

Second or third-degree burns after an accident may lead to permanent injury. Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the dermis; the dermis is the second layer of skin. Third-degree burns affect all three layers of the skin — epidermis, dermis, and fat. These burns also destroy sweat glands and hair follicles. 

When an individual sustains severe burns, they are more likely to experience permanent injuries, such as scarring, disfigurement, disability, or even impaired organ function.

When you hire a lawyer after sustaining a burn injury, your burn lawyer will look into the facts of your case to determine whether you are eligible to receive compensation for permanent injuries. Your burn injury lawyer may require your medical records to prove that your disability was due to a fire accident. 

We work with the very best burn injury specialists to help evaluate our clients and we have extensive experience fighting for clients with severe burns, disability and pain.  Your lawyer may also consult with your doctors to determine whether you've reached your maximum medical improvement and push for the best compensation for your present and future needs, such as assistive devices and household care services.

Recover Loss of Income and Medical Care Payments

Once you sustain severe burn injuries, it may be impossible to get back to work immediately. Your doctor may advise you to stay home for a while as you recover. If you've sustained severe injuries, you may remain in the hospital for weeks, if not months.

Treatment costs related to burn injuries are expensive. After sustaining an injury, you may have to dig into your savings to finance your treatment. You may be forced to pay for plastic surgery, skin grafts, and physical therapy sessions, leaving you low on cash.

If this is the case, a burn injury attorney can help you recover fitting compensation that covers your lost income and benefits, diminished earning capacity, and medical care payments.

Common Burn Injury Claim Scenarios

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 180,000 deaths occur every year due to burns. WHO explains that non-fatal burn injuries are a major cause of morbidity worldwide. These incidents mainly occur in the workplace and at home.

Burn injuries are preventable. Still, no matter how careful you are, this injury can happen when you least expect it. Here are some common burn claim scenarios that burn lawyers handle. 

Severe Burns From Defective Products

Did your coffee maker short out? Did your child's new robot toy just explode? Or did your car burst into flames while you were driving back home?

Defective products can explode and cause severe burn injuries. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure they make products that are safe for use. Manufacturers, designers, and retailers owe their customers this duty of care. If a design flaw or defect leads to a burn injury, the plaintiff may file a compensation claim against the at-fault party for any damages.

Examples of defective products that may lead to severe burns include:

  • Heating pads
  • Children's products, including bottle/food warmers, trampolines, toy guns, and motorized ride-on toys
  • Home appliances, such as toasters, vacuum cleaners, and space heaters
  • Flammable clothing
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Auto parts like brakes, tires, fuel systems, and accelerators

It's worth noting that some defective products, like beauty products, may cause chemical burns. Manufacturers may use agents containing salicylic acid and potassium hydroxide, which may cause serious burns, nerve damage, and scarring.

House Fires From Faulty Electrical Wiring

Faulty electrical wiring causes lots of apartment and house fires. Defective smoke detectors and faulty kitchen equipment are other culprits responsible for house fires. If an electrician did mediocre work or your landlord knew about the electrical wiring problem and ignored the issue, they may be liable for your damages. 

When a house fire happens due to the fault and negligence of other individuals, your Wyoming burn injury lawyer may help you to build an airtight case against the responsible parties. Landlords may be liable for damages if they fail to comply with fire safety regulations, leading to severe burn injuries.

Workplace Accident Burns

Explosions and toxic chemicals in the workplace can cause burn injuries. Kitchen staff and construction workers handle risky jobs that may easily cause workplace burn injuries. Still, anyone in the workplace can sustain severe burn injuries, even desk job employees like accountants and auditors.

Friction, radiation exposure, and electrical burns may also lead to severe burn injuries in the workplace. If your employer fails to maintain a safe work environment resulting in your injury, you may file a workers' compensation claim to recover fitting compensation. 

You may also file a claim against a manufacturer of defective machinery or a distributor of flawed equipment that led to your burn injury.

Hire Legal Representation for a Fair Settlement

Whether your personal injury was caused by a defective product, a workplace accident, or a house fire, you need a reliable Wyoming burn injury lawyer who'll aggressively defend your rights and take the necessary legal actions against all negligent parties.

The Spence Law Firm has experienced lawyers and friendly staff and offers personalized legal services that will help you through this difficult period. Let our reputable burn injury law firm handle your settlement talks with the insurance companies while you rest and recover. 

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