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How to Beat The Insurance Companies at Their Own Game

Mar 06, 2019

Many people are under the impression that they can easily file an insurance claim and instantly be awarded a monetary settlement. This assumption is centered around the fact that many people think an insurance company is going to have their best interests in mind.

However, insurance companies tend to do whatever they can to avoid paying out money to those they insure. If an insurance company thinks they are not liable for any reason, they are certainly going to make an effort to avoid granting your claim.

Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to hire proper representation. An attorney will know how to navigate through these types of cases and will give you a much better shot of winning a settlement in court.

After paying for medical bills and other expenses, many people believe that they cannot afford an attorney to fight for them in court. This is far from the truth. At The Spence Law Firm, we work on contingency fees, meaning that our clients don't have to pay unless we help win their case for them. We will work first to get you a settlement without any fees.


Collecting evidence is crucial when it comes to personal injury cases. You are generally going to have to prove to a judge that you were truly injured and that the insurance policy covers you for such injuries.

There are thousands of personal injury claims that get denied every year, so you are going to have to possess enough evidence to prove you were actually injured as a direct result of the accident which caused it.

Evidence in personal injury cases also relates to details that led to the accident, as these details are going to show who was at fault. Your lawyer will determine what evidence needs to be collected and will use this evidence to prove your case to the judge.

Partial Payments

Depending on your case and the specific details that are involved, your attorney may attempt to negotiate alternative payment amounts. If details are murky and it is difficult to determine whether or not an insurance company is liable, your attorney may negotiate terms for a partial payment.

Your attorney will assess the overall strength of your case and make a judgment call based on your situation.

Compassion and Support

An injury attorney is not only a vital part of the equation in winning an injury case in court, but they also help relieve their clients of stress and emotional burdens. It can be incredibly stressful navigating your own personal injury case, especially if you are trying to represent yourself and don't understand the nuances of the process.

Our attorneys are compassionate and caring and will provide you the attention and detail that is needed to ease your mind and win your case in court. While insurance companies may try their best to beat the game, utilizing the services of a great attorney can help you to beat your insurance company at their own game.

Don't go about this process alone. The attorneys at The Spence Law Firm are committed to representing injured individuals against big insurance companies and corporations. We will fight to defend your rights.

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