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In Memoriam: Edward Patrick Moriarty

Jan 19, 2021

In Memoriam – Edward Patrick Moriarity (1941-2021)

On January 4, 2021, the people lost a fierce advocate for Justice.

Ed Moriarity was one of the founding members of the Spence Law Firm. He practiced law with founding member Gerry Spence for over three decades, trying some of the highest-profile cases in the country – cases that resulted in millions of dollars in verdicts and national media attention. But Ed was happiest when quietly representing clients outside of the spotlight, bringing his unique legal talent and unprecedented skill to obtain justice for people from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. His work benefitted not only his clients but many other people who unknowingly enjoyed safer lives because of policies, procedures, and product improvements that Ed forced as part of his representation.

Edward Patrick Moriarty

Ed was a fighter and was imbued with the fighter's spirit. He loved boxing and loved to root for the underdog. He brought his fighter's grit and determination to the cases he took and the causes he championed. The more challenging the case, it seemed, the more Ed Moriarity liked it. He took cases that other lawyers wouldn't touch and, more often than not, he won. His example of not backing away from a fight and taking the cases that needed to be taken became part of the culture of the Firm.

Ed Moriarity was a mentor to many of us at the Firm. His enthusiasm for the law and the valuable lessons he taught are with us still. Many of the gifts he generously shared continue to be passed on to younger lawyers at the firm, some of whom never got the chance to work with Ed, but who are nevertheless unknowing recipients of his wisdom and experience. Ed Moriarity is a part of the fabric of The Spence Law Firm and his tenacity and passion for justice are woven into our DNA. We are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of his legacy and are thankful for the years of advocacy, mentoring, and friendship he so freely shared.

The Spence Law Firm sends our condolences to all of his family and friends. For more information about Ed, please see:

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