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Injured Family Files Montana Truck Accident Lawsuit

Nov 17, 2010

Tyson E. Logan and Mel C. Orchard, The Spence Law Firm, LLC, in association with the Manley Law Firm in Polson, Montana, have filed a personal injury truck crash lawsuit on behalf of the Mann family, in Montana Federal Court. The complaint alleges a Redman Van & Storage Co., Inc. semi-truck and trailer without operable trailer lights–turned directly into the passenger side of the Mann family's pickup truck, as Mr. Kelly Mann attempted to lawfully pass on the left. The collision threw the Mann's truck off the road and caused serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury to one of the minor children in the vehicle and several other permanent injuries requiring surgeries and therapy.

The case will be tried to a jury in the Missoula Division for the United States District of Montana. The complaint seeks for damages for the family's injuries, against the defendants Redman Van & Storage Co., Inc., and Rowdy B. Anderson. Truck drivers and trucking companies have a legal responsibility to follow the rules of the road, and that includes compliance with wide-ranging state and federal regulations. In the state of Montana, truck drivers are bound to the same regulations as any other motorist, including operating vehicle with fully functioning and operable trailer lights, brake lights, and turn signals as set forth in Montana Code Sections 61-9-201, 204, 206, and 218; and only making a turn when it is safe to do so, as required by MCA Section 61-8-336. The Spence Law Firm has experience representing motorists injured in trucking accidents on state and interestate highways across Montana and the country. Questions regarding this case or another trucking accident case in Montana? Contact Us Today

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