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Investigation on Fatal Crash on I-70 Involving a Semi-Truck

Apr 27, 2019


This week saw news of another fiery, fatal crash on Colorado's Interstate 70 involving a semi-truck crashing into dozens of vehicles. Preliminary reports suggest that some 28 cars and trucks–and possibly a school bus--were involved in the pileup after the out of control trucker slammed into the backed up traffic. The driver has been taken into custody and is under investigation for vehicular homicide. Victims were burned and killed after an explosion burst into a fireball at the scene. Firefighters were also among the injured.

Normally, Colorado law caps wrongful death and personal injury damages. However, under these circumstances, victims may be warranted in bringing claims for full and fair compensation under Colorado law that exceeds any artificially capped limit of money damages. The trucker's conduct may qualify as felonious killing, and warrant punitive damages, allowing a full and fair verdict and judgment against those responsible for the victims' injuries and damages.

Federal law requires interstate truck drivers to carry liability insurance to pay for damages in the event of a disaster like this week's. Most modern tractor-trailers carry black-box computer modules that record data from a crash that will likely be critical to proving the cause of this fatal crash. For victims of these horrific accidents, it is important to act quickly and secure the right team to make sure evidence is preserved so the responsible parties cannot destroy or alter evidence.

The trucking accident lawyers at the Spence Law Firm have investigated wrongful death accidents involving negligent truck drivers and trucking companies across the country in similar incidents for decades. We only work with industry-leading safety engineers and experts to get answers that people need in the wake of tragedy. In recent years we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident victims like those involved here, including a settlement for over $100 million for explosion victims; and numerous wrongful death and personal injury settlements and verdicts in excess of $10 million in the last decade.

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