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Natural Gas Flash Fire Explosion Case Set for Trial

Sep 07, 2011

The Spence Law Firm is working with Seattle attorneys Patrick Cook and Kathleen Kindred, in what is being called the worst drilling rig natural gas accident in Washington state history. The suit stems from July 25, 2008 flash fire and explosion that seriously injured workers, who were performing contract work on the drilling rig at the time of the accident. Four contract workers were severely burned and injured in the accident after pipe was pulled out of the hole at the drilling rig. The case, against defendants Delta Petroleum Corporation, Sierra Engineering, and several others, is set for jury trial in March of 2012.

Complex oilfield disasters like this one require team of experienced attorneys and experts to get answers and uncover the truth about who is responsible. The Spence Law Firm has over fifty years of experience investigating and litigating oil and gas related accidents. The Spence Law Firm routinely works with law enforcement, OSHA investigators, oilfield safety engineers, fire investigators, and industrial hygienists to determine exactly why a flash fire and explosion such as this one occurs.

We have unmatched experience with pipeline explosion cases, including one of the largest personal injury settlements ever achieved in the country, stemming from an August, 2000 interstate natural gas pipeline explosion in southern New Mexico. We bring this kind of experience and our talents and resources in every oil and gas injury and wrongful death case we take on. Recently we obtained a substantial settlement for a burn victim in Utah after he was seriously injured in a natural gas plant flash fire after basic oilfield safety lockout and tagout steps were skipped by the plant owner; and another settlement before trial against a Wyoming oilfield services company after a flash fire burned a Wyoming welding contractor who was contracted to work on a dangerous tank, that exploded into flames as he worked on it.

The Spence Law Firm continues to investigate and explore additional natural gas disasters in Wyoming, including the recent oil storage site explosion at the Samson oil storage facility outside of Glenrock, Wyoming. For more information contact us today, at (844) 447-5497.

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