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Spence Lawyers: Handling Cases Near and Far

Nov 30, 2018

"Lawyers should be chosen because they demonstrate a history rich in human traits, the ability to care, the courage to fight, the will to win, a concern for the human condition, a passion for justice and a simple uncompromising honesty."

These words, uttered by veteran trial lawyer Gerry Spence, describe the traits that a lawyer should have, the ones that that gives a voice to those who don't have one. It is this type of lawyer that continues his legacy at The Spence Law Firm.

The Spence Law Firm was founded on the principles that Gerry Spence has built a legacy on: that everyone deserves a chance to pursue justice for their injuries, no matter where they live.

Gerry Spence worked as a criminal defense lawyer before switching gears to become a attorney and represent individuals against the government and big corporations. It was after this pivotal move in his career that he founded his own law firm, which now serves individuals across the country.

The firm first opened in Gerry Spence's home of Wyoming. Since then, the New Mexico office has opened, and our experienced attorneys are able to help people in these communities and everywhere in between. By opening offices in multiple cities, we are able to extend our legal reach and help communities near and far.

Extending Our Reach

Our firm is dedicated to representing victims of accidents, injuries, and negligence. We represent clients in legal cases that vary across the board, from personal injury and birth injury to product liability and civil rights.

Attorneys and other legal staff members work tirelessly to achieve the same legal representation that Gerry Spence achieved for years They strive to seek justice on behalf of clients and provide them with compassionate counsel in order to finally get them the compensation they deserve.

There are now over 30 employees at The Spence Law Firm that work together to provide each client with exceptional legal representation and advocacy while working in the public interest.

Partner and Attorney Dennis K. Wallin

For nearly 30 years, Attorney Dennis Wallin had worked in conjunction with The Spence Law Firm on some of the biggest personal injury cases in New Mexico history.

Throughout his extensive legal career, he has represented victims and their families in Federal Courts across New Mexico. For years, he has provided legal access to prisoners at both state and federal levels. Recently, he also helped obtain a settlement resulting from the bullying and beating of a transgender student in a charter high school.

Now, he's leading the effort for The Spence Law Firm's New Mexico office.

"Oftentimes the most gratifying aspect of being a lawyer is righting the wrong, which is not always measured by the amount of money received, but the tortfeasor's acknowledgment of his wrongdoing," Wallin said.

"Spence" is not just a name at The Spence Law Firm. It's an affirmation that the attorneys here will provide clients with the same superb civil litigating and representation that the firm's founder built his career on.

If you'd like to discuss your potential case, look no further than The Spence Law Firm. The dedicated legal professionals at our firm will work tirelessly to get each person the just outcome that they deserve.

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