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Toyota Sudden Acceleration Case - Spence Law Firm in the News

Jan 25, 2013

News coverage has been widespread lately over a November 5, 2010, crash caused by an unintended sudden acceleration by Paul Van Alfen's 2008 Toyota Camry. Robert A. Krause and The Spence Law Firm, LLC, along with co-counsel Mark Robinson, represented the Van Alfen family in their bellwether case against Toyota.

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The case was to be the first "test" case to go to trial against Toyota on a sudden unintended acceleration claim. That day, Van Alfen's Toyota suddenly and uncontrollably accelerated, crashing into a wall near an exit ramp on I-80. The driver slammed on the brakes but the Camry did not stop. Van Alfen was killed in the crash, passenger Charlene Lloyd died the next day, and his wife and son were both seriously injured.

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