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Why It’s So Important To Hire an Attorney With Trial Experience

Jun 10, 2019

In the realm of personal injury law, cases don't always make it to trial, but for those that do, there are several complexities that must be understood. Far too often, individuals who have suffered injuries at the hands of another person's negligence don't take full advantage of their rights to have legal representation.

When they do, though, they may not know the right choice when it comes to who they should hire. They often look for the same characteristics such as experience, results, communication, reputation, and more. One thing to recognize, however, is that not all experience is the same and there are some who have certain credibility that not everyone has.

While many personal injury attorneys look to attorneys who have settled many cases with the insurance company, one of the more important factors to think about is how much trial experience the lawyer has. Simply put, not all cases can be settled, and when this option is not possible, you need someone on your side who knows how to go the distance.

Understanding the Trial Process

After a negligence-related matter, you're already dealing with serious physical, emotional, and even financial hardships. The last thing you want to worry about is your legal representation having trouble during the trial process. However, if you know that your attorney has significant trial experience, you can rest easy knowing they have a full understanding of the process.

One important phase of the process is the discovery phase. During this time, the attorneys for both sides are tasked with meeting up with one another to present various pieces of evidence and give statements regarding the situation that led to the injury. This is one area in which your lawyer's trial experience can come into play as they know the most effective ways to present the evidence and documents necessary.

Similarly, this same evidence must be presented during the trial to the jury in an effort to convince them that negligence existed, the other party was, in fact, liable for the damages, and that you were injured as a result. These are three of the four factors necessary when proving liability and can convince the jury to rule in your favor and award the necessary amount of compensation for your damages.

Recognizing the Tactics of the Defendant

Unfortunately, many people think that when they're injured as a result of negligence, the claim and lawsuit they file will be against the individual who was negligent and caused the incident to occur. This isn't the case. In fact, it is this individual's (or entity's) insurance company who is responsible for handling the claim, which is why so many people have trouble recovering maximum compensation following an injury.

See, the insurance company is a large corporation and they have faced countless claims and lawsuits from individuals who have suffered injury or property damage. Because they're aware of this--and because they are strictly looking out for their own profits--they employ large legal teams with the sole focus of protecting their bottom line.

Think about how many claims are filed against insurance companies every single day? Now think of how many cases the insurance companies encounter and the experience their attorneys have in negotiations, settlement offers, and of course, trials. Would you be able to go through the process alone and pursue the right compensation without your own legal representation?

How Does the Insurance Company Lie?

Part of the insurance company's own tactics is their policy with the individual responsible for the crash. Often times, they'll try to claim that your injuries or losses are not adequately covered by the policy. They'll try to say that you are only entitled to so much--and with many injured individuals in a vulnerable state, they often accept this.

However, if you have a lawyer with trial experience, you can spot these tactics. Your attorney will look to prove that the insurance company and their legal team are doing whatever they can to simply limit their liability, therefore, reducing the amount of compensation they are expected to pay.

Focus On the Healing--We'll Take Care of the Legal Matters

One of the biggest reasons to have a lawyer with trial experience? Peace of mind. There's nothing like knowing that you can focus on your own personal recovery while your lawyer is handling matters regarding your lawsuit. For many, letting their attorney go through the process and not knowing what's going on can be torture on their focus.

However, if you have an attorney who has gone through trials in the past, you can feel confident knowing that they're truly focusing on your best interests.

Why The Spence Law Firm?

We get it. Suffering an injury because of someone else's actions can be extremely taxing on you physically and mentally. Combine that with the growing medical bills and it's easy to want to settle for whatever you can get and put these matters in the past.

However, we're different. The Spence Law Firm has spent years doing one thing, fighting on behalf of people who have been hurt. People who feel voiceless. People who feel intimidated by large corporations. When it comes to personal injury law, though, we aren't afraid to go toe-to-toe with the biggest of entities if it means our clients get the results they need.

For more than 50 years, our personal injury lawyers have done the work to position us as the go-to trial firm in the nation. Other lawyers utilize us as resources in trials for complex cases and when facing powerful defendants. No matter the case, when we can help make a difference, we will stop at nothing to do so.

If you've been injured in an incident caused by negligence, trust our trial lawyers to fight for you. Call our firm at (844) 447-5497 or fill out an online form for a free consultation. We go where we are needed.

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