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Gerry Spence Press Release

Jan 06, 2006

"The FBI just issued a press release claiming that the OIG Report found the FBI guilty of ‘no misconduct.' The FBI is again misleading the public

The Inspector General specifically found that the FBI fingerprint examiners committed errors in the fingerprint examination procedure, and that the misidentification could have been prevented through a more rigorous application of basic principles of fingerprint identification.

The FBI compounded its misconduct by attempting to cover up its errors, making false statements to the media, subsequent to the release of Mr Mayfield, for their misidentification. Never have they admitted the wrongfulness of their conduct.

Further, the Inspector General has found that even after almost two years after the incident, the remedial measures purportedly undertaken by the FBI lab to correct its deficiencies in its fingerprint examinations are insufficient. The IG stated that these actions proposed by the fingerprint lab were not fully responsive to the errors made in the Mayfield misidentification, and that additional modifications to the practices of the lab were required immediately.

As to the FBI's assertions regarding other aspects of their conduct, the FBI again fails to accept its role and responsibility in misleading a federal judge as to the facts in its possession, which facts, if made known to the judge, would have prevented the unlawful arrest and detention of Mr Mayfield.

Until such time as the FBI is held responsible for its conduct, by the citizens of these United States, we will continue our efforts to bring forward the truth in this matter.

Gerry Spence

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