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Wyoming Civil Rights Attorneys

The Constitution guarantees all United States citizens certain rights and freedoms that the government can never violate. At The Spence Law Firm, our Wyoming civil rights attorneys are dedicated to preserving those rights for individuals across the country. Seeking compensation when you are wronged by the government is a technically complex and overwhelming process. It can be incredibly difficult to defend your constitutional rights on your own.

Our firm has extensive experience handling violations of civil rights under 42 USC – 1983, and we make it our mission to defend ordinary people against state and federal government. We have successfully fought for substantial settlements and just verdicts on behalf of numerous clients who were wronged by the government – find out how we can help you with your case.

What are examples of civil rights violations?

The Spence Law Firm is dedicated to defending ordinary people's rights against the government. If you had your civil rights violated by the government in any way, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Wyoming civil rights attorneys have assisted clients across the country with cases involving:

  •  Excessive use of force
  •  Police brutality
  •  Unlawful restraint
  •  Excessive force with a taser
  •  Suffocation/asphyxia from excessive force
  •  False arrest/wrongful imprisonment
  •  Jail and prison injuries
  •  Sexual abuse
  •  Discrimination
  •  Harassment

Whether you were harmed by a state official, local municipality, or the U.S. government, it's important that you enlist the help of an experienced attorney who can fight for you. The Spence Law Firm is committed to seeking the justice you deserve.

Civil Rights

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