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Helping You Fight Back Against the Insurance Companies

Aug 12, 2019

Insurance company employees are trained to identify and fight insurance fraud. While this sometimes helps prevent criminal activity, it also causes deserving customers to be denied their rightful claims. As such, employees often lose touch with the people behind the claims and resort to unethical tactics that delay and deny claims.


What Obstacles Do I Face in Filing a Claim?

There are many tricks that insurance companies can use to delay or deny coverage. They may lull you into a sense of complacency and trust. They may tell you that you have plenty of time to file a lawsuit to make you miss the deadline. If you don't have this correspondence in writing or recorded, you may never be able to prove your claim was denied unfairly.

Insurance companies will also look for loopholes to argue that you are at fault for your own injuries. While proving fault in accident claims can be open to interpretation to a certain degree, the insurance companies may beat around the bush regarding the critical aspects that prove that the defendants were at fault.

Another common trick is for the insurance companies to delay and draw out proceedings even when you have very strong claims. They know that the bills pile up when parties are injured and unable to work, and that this will often force you to accept a lower offer. You may be facing foreclosure on your home or struggling to pay for your basic needs and are desperate for some quick cash.

The insurance companies may also offer insulting, unrealistic offers. This is their first attempt to break you down. When they hit you with a rock-bottom offer, you may feel desperate enough to take something that is still much lower than the total cost of damages. When they give you a deadline and an ultimatum to accept the offer, you may start to see it as the best one you'll ever get.

What Can I Do to Strengthen My Claim?

When it comes to personal injury claims, you need evidence. Always preserve and document as much evidence of the damages as possible. In most cases, you will need a seasoned personal injury attorney at this phase of the claim process. A personal injury attorney can help you document the injuries by working with leading experts in the medical field and utilizing forensic analysts who can recreate the events of the accident. Their expert opinions on whether you will walk again or obtain a full quality of life can be weighty evidence in your favor.

You also have to be careful about releasing evidence that may work against your claims. The new cases that allow insurance companies to introduce photos from social media are a prime example. Even though you may have trouble walking, for example, a snapshot of you dancing and smiling on Facebook may be all that it takes to compel a jury that you are exaggerating or lying about your injuries.

A qualified attorney can also help you present your claims objectively and clearly and present the information that is essential to your case. This makes it easier for the jury or judge to keep focused on the key elements of a claim without being confused by other angles. When you start to go off on unnecessary tangents, this becomes ammunition for the defendants to convolute the issues and undermine the strength of your claims.

What Else Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do to Help Me?

A seasoned personal injury attorney will speed up the process. Unnecessary delays on the part of the defendant may mean the insurance company is acting in bad faith - something your personal injury attorney can help determine is at play. Unethical and malicious refusal to provide fair compensation may lead to additional damages in your lawsuit. Although the defendants may fabricate reasons to delay or deny coverage, a skilled attorney will be able to eliminate any loopholes with solid legal arguments.

When you try to go through this process yourself, it is hard to present yourself persuasively. Because the judicial decisions that shape the elements and standards of a claim are so expansive, you should rely only on the expertise of a seasoned trial attorney to stand in your corner.

Furthermore, when an attorney decides to take your case, this already adds weight to your claims. Your opponents know that they aren't going to get away with pulling a fast one. The attorney you want on your side should be extensive trial experience and be willing to go to bat for your rights both in and out of court.

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