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How To Choose a Distracted Driving Attorney

Oct 11, 2023

Distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents. Distracted drivers take their visual attention off the road and instead focus on their phones, kids, or other distractions surrounding them. Distracted driving is often as dangerous as drunk driving, and the impacts on your life can be the same. A Wyoming distracted driving attorney can help you pursue the at-fault driver for the fair compensation you deserve after an accident. This financial compensation may help accident victims like you recover their life again after an accident and hold the negligent driver responsible.


Knowing how to choose a distracted driving attorney can seem difficult. By following these tips, you can pick a personal injury lawyer with the experience you need to file a legal action.

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Attorney

Many injured victims are unsure of what to look for when picking an attorney. This may be your first time even needing one and it is important to pick an attorney with the right experience. Look for these factors when picking the right distracted driving lawyer for you:

Track Record of Successful Distracted Driving Case Outcomes

You want an attorney with a proven track record of success in distracted driving cases. Look at the real results they win for clients in distracted driving and other personal injury cases. Look for attorneys who win compensation such as medical care costs, pain and suffering, and more for their clients. You also want a personal injury lawyer who has worked with many types of distraction cases, indicating a wide variety of experience they can put to work for you.

Consider client testimonials as well. The attorney should win cases and respect their clients throughout the process. Clients who feel cared for throughout the legal process are less stressed during what is inevitably a difficult time. You want a lawyer who understands that both financial compensation and client experience are important.

Experience in Handling Distracted Driving Cases

Your personal injury lawyer should have significant experience handling distracted driving and car accident cases. Not every auto accident is the same, and distracted driving cases require specific knowledge to pursue the right way. Your attorney and the law firm should be able to demonstrate their experience with these cases.

Your attorney should also demonstrate experience with different severity levels of distracted driving cases. These might include:

  • Cases with catastrophic injuries
  • Fatal crashes
  • Cases with significant property damages

Understanding of Relevant Laws and Regulations

Pick an attorney who fully understands the relevant laws and regulations surrounding distracted driving. They should speak intelligently about the dangers of distracted driving and what laws apply to these cases. They can use this understanding to determine if you have a valid claim.

For example, Wyoming Statutes Section 31-5-237 prohibits texting and driving in most situations — a common cause of distracted driving accidents. Your attorney should know this law and how to use it in your distracted driving lawsuit. 

Tips on How To Choose a Distracted Driving Attorney

You may be unsure how to pick the right distracted driving attorney for your case. Here are a few tips to help you pick the attorney that is the best fit for you.

Get Referrals From Friends, Family, or Colleagues

Talk to the people you trust when picking an attorney. Your friends or family may have worked with an attorney in the past. Ask them about their experience, what their case was about, and whether they liked their attorney. Ask them why they liked or disliked that lawyer while listening for the attributes listed above. 

Asking colleagues at work is also a great resource. This increases the number of people you know who may have worked with a distracted driving attorney. Ask people about their experience with a personal injury lawyer, how the attorney treated them, and their case results. Try not to pry into personal details but focus on the colleagues' impressions of their attorney. 

Contact Your State Bar Association

Your state bar association may have useful information on lawyers in your area. The Wyoming State Bar Association offers multiple resources for the public, including information about attorneys. It lets you determine what attorneys practice in the area of distracted driving and what attorneys are in your locality. You can also determine which attorneys are a member of the state bar association. This indicates they are licensed lawyers who comply with continuing education requirements necessary to stay up to date on personal injury law matters.

You can also review the lawyer directory, which lists every attorney who is a member and information about them. This information can be incredibly useful when picking an attorney who is right for you.

Interview Several Driving Accident Attorneys

You should speak with several distracted driving attorneys before you make your final decision. You want multiple options to pick the personal injury law firm that is right for you. An attorney should never pressure you to speak only with them but rather let you pick your attorney based on the merits. The best way to determine the merits is with several initial consultations with different personal injury attorneys.

During your interview, consider the following:

  • Whether the attorney got back to your message quickly
  • How friendly the attorney and their staff were in speaking with you
  • Whether you felt comfortable talking with the attorney
  • Whether the lawyer listened to you or was distracted during your meeting
  • If the lawyer demonstrated their experience with and knowledge of distracted driving crashes
  • Whether the lawyer was honest with you about the pros and cons of your potential case

Provide each attorney with the details of your motor vehicle accident so they can give initial thoughts on your case. These lawyers should be able to describe the possibilities ahead and how they can help with your case.

Hire an Experienced Attorney for Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim

Work with an experienced distracted driving attorney you feel you can trust. Pick someone you are comfortable with because of your interactions with them and their experience in personal injury law. Follow these tips to help you choose which attorney will represent you in your distracted driving case.

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