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Important Questions to Ask a Workplace Accident Lawyer

Feb 16, 2024

When you seek help from a workplace accident lawyer after an accident at work, you want to know that the legal advice and assistance you receive will give you the best chance of obtaining the compensation you need. The only way to know whether a particular lawyer can help you achieve this is by asking them questions.


During your initial consultation with a workplace accident attorney, ask the following six questions and listen carefully to the answers. This will help you decide whether the attorney is a good choice to meet your needs.

What Is Your Experience in Handling Workplace Accident Cases?

Attorneys who regularly represent clients in workplace accident cases should know more about your rights and the procedures for filing a claim. Their knowledge can expedite the process of resolving your workers’ comp claim or a third-party lawsuit.

An experienced lawyer can also help ensure you do not leave behind any compensation you are entitled to.

How Do You Typically Approach and Investigate Workplace Accidents?

Even in cases where the cause of the accident seems clear, you want to know that your workplace accident lawyer has thoroughly looked into your situation. A skilled attorney will have a practice or system in place to gather all the information they need to advise you properly.

It is impossible for a lawyer to give you accurate and comprehensive legal counsel if they do not know all the details about your accident. For this reason, if your attorney does not have a plan for how to gain more information about your case, consider speaking to another lawyer.

What Is Your Fee Structure?

Your workplace accident lawyer should be open and transparent about how they will bill you and what their services cost. You should not be left with any questions about what how much money you can expect to spend or when you will be expected to pay. If a lawyer is evasive or non-committal about costs, find another attorney.

What Timelines Should I Expect in My Workplace Accident Case?

Each case is different, and any attorney will have trouble giving you a precise estimate of how long your case will take. There are several variables outside your attorney’s control that can either prolong or hasten the resolution of your case.

However, your lawyer should be able to give you an overview of the steps involved in obtaining compensation for your injuries. They should also be able to tell you approximately how long each step should take.

Be cautious about using an attorney who cannot give you a reasonable estimate of how long your case will take.

What Legal Options Do I Have When Pursuing Compensation?

Workers’ compensation benefits are just one potential source of compensation for injured workers. You may have other ways to recover compensation, including through a product liability suit, third-party personal injury lawsuit, or some other type of claim.

If available, these avenues of recovery can provide you with additional compensation, including compensation for pain, emotional distress, and mental suffering.

Not every client will be able to access all of these benefits, but your lawyer should be able to tell you what compensation and damages are available to you and why.

What Kinds of Resources Do You Have Access to for My Case?

A competent law firm will sometimes need to rely on investigators, medical experts, and others to help supply the information needed for a winning case. During your consultation, see what other resources the attorney has available to assist you.

The ability to quickly and effectively employ experts and other resources when needed is crucial.

Not every case will need the help of these outside resources. However, consider giving your business to attorneys who leave you with a feeling that they know who to reach out to for assistance in bolstering your claim.

FAQs to Know About Hiring a Workplace Accident Lawyer

While it’s important to ask questions when consulting with an attorney, there are also other things to think about before hiring a lawyer. Consider the following:

When Is the Right Time to Talk With a Lawyer?

It is never too early to talk to a workplace accident lawyer about your rights. You should first take steps to get medical attention if you need it and report your injury to your employer.

Remember that you only have ten days after your accident to file a Report of Injury with the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Division. As soon as possible thereafter, speak with an attorney about your next steps.

Why Might I Need a Workplace Accident Attorney if Workers’ Comp Will Pay Me?

Workers’ compensation benefits are awarded to injured employees regardless of who caused their injuries. However, these benefits may be reduced or denied if there are questions about whether your injuries are the result of a workplace incident. You may also be denied full benefits for your lost wages and need an attorney to appeal that denial.

How Long Should I Spend Looking for an Attorney?

While you want to be deliberate about who you choose to represent you, you do not want to deliberate for months.

Do your research to narrow your search to two or three attorneys. Then visit with each and gain more information about their approaches to workplace injury cases. From there, you should decide who you feel will represent you the best.

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