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Most Common Kinds of Industrial Accidents

Jan 26, 2024

Over 5,000 fatalities occurred on the job in 2022 alone, along with 2.8 million injuries and illnesses. These unfortunate incidents can not only cause extensive pain and suffering for those involved, but industrial accidents can also lead to considerable financial losses for both victims and their employers.


While every industrial accident is unique, certain types of accidents tend to happen more often than others. For companies looking to protect their employees — and for employees hoping to avoid getting hurt on the job — it is important to understand the most common kinds of accidents that can happen in industrial workplaces.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Any workplace can contain a slip, trip, or fall hazard. Spilled liquids or chemicals can create a slippery floor, while uneven work surfaces and rugs can create a trip danger.

Falls from heights, such as off of a ladder, can produce severe brain injuries, but even a slip and fall on the ground level can lead to painful broken bones. These injuries are among the top three workplace injuries in the United States.

Machinery Accidents

Carelessness and inattentiveness around machinery like forklifts, balers, and trash compactors present another significant risk for injuries and death. Crushing injuries, loss of limbs, and other catastrophic injuries are common when it comes to machinery accidents.

Any workplace machinery should be operated only by trained employees.

Exposure to Hazardous Substances

When you think of hazardous substances in the workplace that can lead to industrial accidents, you might think of radioactive substances and toxic chemicals. However, your office workspace might contain other, less obvious hazardous substances, such as:

  • Lead paint
  • Asbestos insulation and floor tiles
  • Bleach and other powerful cleansers
  • Mold

An industrial accident lawyer can help you determine the hazards in your workplace if you suddenly become ill or injured but are unsure of the cause.

Fires and Explosions

Fires at industrial sites and workplaces can have a variety of causes. These include electrical fires, flammable chemicals exposed to heat sources, and combustible materials stored improperly. A fire or explosion can be deadly for workers and dangerous for the surrounding community.

Electrical Accidents

Electricians are not the only workers who are at risk of electrocution. Unsafe exposed wiring and overloaded wall outlets can be found in all types of workplaces. A defective piece of heavy machinery can also electrocute you if it is not inspected, taken out of service, and repaired before use.

Electrical accidents can be fatal. Those accidents that are not fatal still have the potential to cause painful second and third-degree burns.

Falling Objects and Collapses

Any time you have employees working above others, you have the potential of a head injury caused by a falling object like a hammer or other tool. Hard hats and other safety equipment offer some protection, but they will not stop all concussions or head injuries from happening. Proper training in workplace safety is critical for these environments.

Another danger that is prevalent on the construction site is the risk of a floor or scaffolding collapse. When these structures are not properly assembled or supported, they can give way and collapse with little warning. Depending on the length of the fall, such accidents can be deadly.

Transportation Accidents in Industrial Settings

Some workplaces must move dangerous substances around within the job site or from the job site to an end user. This includes places such as steel mills, chemical plants, and other similar environments.

Transporting these dangerous substances can put workers and others at risk of injury, especially if a spill or leak happens. These industrial spills can be costly to clean up, leading to workers becoming ill, suffering burn injuries, or sustaining other harm.

Collisions involving cargo or transportation vehicles can also happen. And if the cargo carried by these vehicles is hazardous or combustible, the consequences of such an accident can prove catastrophic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Accidents

Should I Report an Unsafe Condition at My Workplace?

Yes. It is important to report any unsafe conditions you spot. Seeing and reporting a hazard is the first step to correcting the danger, which can save your life and the lives of coworkers.

Additionally, there are laws in Wyoming that serve to protect you against retaliation and harassment by your employer for reporting these conditions. You can make your report to your employer or to your local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office.

I Hurt Myself in an Industrial Accident — What Should I Do Next?

If you are hurt in an industrial accident, you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible and report the injury to your employer within 72 hours. If at all possible, make your report in writing so that there is tangible evidence that you met this deadline. Then, you can pursue worker’s compensation benefits for your medical expenses.

Does My Employer Have to Tell Me About Unsafe Conditions?

In most cases, yes. While your employer does not need to frequently remind you of basic safety procedures like the importance of cleaning up spills, if there are toxic substances in your workplace, fall dangers, or other similar hazards, your employer should tell you about them and provide you with the tools you need to stay safe.

An Industrial Accident Lawyer Is Key After a Workplace Injury

Industrial jobs can involve a unique set of risks compared to other fields. If you have been hurt in an industrial accident in Wyoming, you need a dedicated advocate who can fight to protect your rights.

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