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Trial Lawyer’s College: Helping to Train a New Kind of Lawyer

Nov 26, 2018

Tucked on the Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming is The Trial Lawyer's College.

Attorney Gerry Spence had spent years building a reputation for one of the best civil lawyers in the world. Wanting to pass on his skills to the new generation of lawyers, The Trial Lawyer's College was the next step.

Gerry Spence founded the TLC in 1994 with the intent to pass on what he had learned throughout his career of fighting for justice and giving a voice to those who don't have one. Since it's opening, the college has trained over 8,000 students in the ins and outs of trial law. The college teaches courses in subjects ranging from criminal defense to civil rights.

Attorney John Sloan took over as president of the college in 2014 with a commitment to providing each student with the resources and foundation to become exceptional trial lawyers.

Gerry Spence: A Teacher and Mentor

There are ten Board of Directors that oversee the operations at the college. These individuals are some of the top trial lawyers in the country. Even after he stopped actively practicing civil law, Gerry Spence still wanted to inspire and help teach the students at the college that he founded.

He attends every class and session that he can and brings perspective on the many aspects of trial law, civil rights, and litigation that he has gained first-hand in his 60 years of experience practicing law.

Many of the alumni that come from the Trial Lawyer's College go on to become exceptional trial lawyers that utilize the skills and knowledge they gain at the TLC.

It is these types of lawyers that have the courage to fight for what is right who make it working at The Spence Law Firm. At this firm, clients are considered people first and foremost, and they will always get the attention, compassion, and aggressive representation that Gerry Spence has built his own career on.

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